“A darkened room. A single clear beautiful female voice comes from the center. She stands holding a candle, cloaked and singing in the ancient language of Ireland. As the song continues other cloaked women enter the room chanting softly in perfect harmony. They gracefully move through the audience, their voices filling the space. The song fades and they stand waiting. From the stage the men begin to sing, a pulsating powerful piece of “Puirt a beul” [mouth music].

The scene is set for Anúna.”

In the field of high-end entertainment, the Anúna experience is unique. From small venues to large conference centers, they retain the ability to stun audiences. The “wow factor” is clichéd but in the case of Anúna it is an apt description.
The singers move through the audience holding candles. The guests experience them in a visceral way. Their proximity is intoxicating. Their voices resound through the space.
Over the past 17 years Anúna’s private performances have graced most of the great venues in Ireland and throughout the world. They sing in Irish and many languages and the performances are enhanced by witty and informative explanations of each song. The charm and impact of the group still inspires clients. This is Irish music and song at its very best. Elegant, honest, authentic and totally accessible.
Anúna has proved itself the most enduring and versatile voice in a market where high-end entertainment requires a brand that reflects the goals and values of the most discerning client. This remarkable group stays at the cutting edge of everything that is genuine about Ireland and the Irish. In the year coming up to the centenary of the beginning of the Irish nation in 1916, their voices are more powerful and resonant than ever.