The Four Great Cycles of our mythological history were preserved by Christian monks in beautiful illustrated manuscripts. They were the Fenian, Ulster, Mythological and Historical Cycles. These were simple men, seeped in an oral tradition which was at odds with their belief in only one eternal being. Their own history was filled with songs and stories of immortals passed down mostly by the Seanchaí [shana-key]. They were servants of the great chiefs of Ireland and their name comes from the Irish word seanchas meaning “old-lore”. They came from an oral tradition which stretched back to the Celts where the history and laws of the people were not written down but memorized in long lyric poems. The Seanchaí made use of a range of storytelling conventions, styles of speech and gestures that were peculiar to the Irish folk tradition.

In partnership with Trickyfeat and Denise Flynn, Anúna Corporate have developed a unique private show called “Origin“. Presented by The Storyteller [Seanchaí], it is a dynamic and beautiful journey through our history and mythology. The length of the show is dictated by the client’s needs and ranges from 20 minutes to around 45 in length. It incorporates the talents of the finest musicians, dancers and singers in Ireland.

Below is the promotional video filmed for us by the amazing Brad Ballew [Templestone Productions in Dallas] in Barberstown Castle earlier this year.

Behind the scenes at the video shoot. Photos by Annalisa Bisceglie