Anúna Proposal

“The room darkens.
A single hooded female figure holding a candle begins to chant from the centre of the stage in a beam of light.

From all over the room she is joined by other cloaked women moving slowly through the audience chanting, their voices filling the space.

The song fades and they stand waiting. From the stage the men begin to sing, a pulsating powerful piece of “Puirt a beul” [mouth music]. begins. “Dúlaman”.

The men finish and are joined by the women for a final piece in Irish.

They leave as the song starts to fade leaving a single male singer and a male dancer. They perform “Fionnghuala” as a question and answer piece.

The drummers join them and as the two men leave they begin a rhythmic piece of percussive drumming that builds to a crescendo.

Finally they are joined by the dancers, slowly leaving them to do the final piece.
They end with a great shout!”

From the first haunting notes of the cloaked and hooded singers as they walked onstage in Riverdance in candlelight, the world knew that something special was happening. Anúna are the quintessential representation of Celtic mystical music. Crystal clear voices, beautiful costumes, processional chanting through the audience, all elements of one of Ireland’s greatest vocal groups.

Winners of two Grammys and a Classical Brit Award, 18 weeks at number 1 in the Irish charts with Riverdance, 16 acclaimed studio albums and concerts from China and Japan culminating in a 52 date tour across the USA.

Anúna have many singers  from Northern Ireland, making them truly an All-Irish phenomenon. They sing in Ancient Irish, Greek, Latin and English and their repertoire spans over 1500 years.

They will be joined for this performance by the drummers from Extreme Rhythm and Michael Donnelan’s Dance troop.

A bespoke performance created for this special occasion by John McGlynn [Riverdance, Anúna].
The clips supplied above are similar to the proposed performance.
Runtime approx: 15 to 20 minutes.
23 performers total.